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My girlfriend knows I'm a hypersexual man and that I watch a lot of porn after she goes to bed, but she doesn't know that a lot of the time I'm hot talking with other guys while we jerk off together. There's nothing I love more than bisexual phone sex. I get off helping a guy blow a massive load anywhere and any time he wants.

My obsession with rock-hard cocks was first explored one night in my college dorm while sharing naked girlfriend pix with an my high school buddy. We could easily see each others' cocks swelling through our pants when a long night of booze and sheer sexual curiosity overwhelmed us. Within moments, the door was locked and our cocks were out, and we started stroking together. It wasn't the first time we masturbated together, but this was the first time the sight of his veiny member drove me to give into impulse and take it all in my mouth. He didn't resist, and moans escaped his mouth as he began to thrust his hips, forcing me to deepthroat his massive 8-inch cock. He told me not to stop blowing him, and with that, I used my hand in tandem with my mouth to push him closer to the edge of orgasm.

He warned me he was going to shoot his load and that he hadn't cum in a week, so it was going to be a lot. I didn't care and kept milking him until he couldn't hold back. He shot rope after rope of cum into my mouth, most of it shooting down my throat before I had the chance to swallow. I didn't stop sucking his huge cock until I drained every last drop of cum from his balls. That was the first of many loads I would coax out of him, and our girlfriends were never the wiser to our dirty little secret.

Call me and we can scratch that itch our girlfriends just can't.

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